vector session 

Are you ready for your faith to come alive and your life to take on new meaning?

  • Does it seem like there should be more to life with God than what you are experiencing?

  • Have you been wanting to go deeper in your relationship with Him but are not sure how?

  • Have you ever wondered what God's will is for your life?

  • Do you know you were created for a purpose but feel confused as to  how to move toward it?

  • Are you waiting on a miracle that has not come through yet?

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A Unique approach

Vector sessions integrate Spiritual Direction and Kingdom Coaching in order to help you discover God's active presence in your life and provide you with guidance on how to step boldly into the life He is calling you into. 

A deeper relationship with God awaits you. He is already at work in your life. Let's discover more of His presence and deepen your connection with Him. Then you can better discern His hand at work throughout your life circumstances. You will gain new perspective and the details of your life will become infused with new hope, meaning and promise.

Kingdom Coaching

Kingdom Coaching takes life coaching to a higher level. I want to help you step boldly into the life you were created you for. No one was destined for mediocrity and you have a gloriously epic life to live in Christ’s Kingdom.

By clarifying your call and discovering your gifts, we can help you step forward into the future that God has destined you for.

spiritual direction

what is a vector?


A vector is a symbol, like an arrow, that shows the path that something is traveling and tells us about the significance of its movement. 

In movement operations, when you give someone a vector, you give them a new direction and guide their course toward an important destination.

This is exactly how I want to help you!

I want to help you discover where God is leading you and take the next steps forward in your epic journey!


Patrick is an amazing Spiritual Director and he hears from God in astonishing ways. Through Patrick, I have experienced God in ways I never thought possible. Through his influence my faith has been deepened, and my life enriched. I am honored to have him in my life.

I started seeing Patrick when I lost faith in God and wasn't sure what I believed anymore. He was incredibly patient and kind as I processed my hurt, anger, and feeling of being betrayed by God. Meeting with him did a tremendous amount to get me out of that dark place.

Patrick is an amazing spiritual guide, and excels at giving clear thoughtful insights into your spiritual path! I went through some Spiritual Direction with Patrick, and he helped me really connect with Jesus during a season when clarity was needed and seemingly lacking. 



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session info:

$109 for a 60 minute session *

Purchase a package and save:

Single session for $109

Three sessions for $309

Six sessions for $609 

* Sessions can be done in person or by video conference. 

 experience your faith come alive.


Schedule a FREE 30 minute consultation to see how a Vector direction and coaching session can help you. 

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I would love to talk with you to answer any questions you might have about how Vector Ministries can help you find God's guidance and direction for your life. 

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