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A list of resources to help you grow spiritually

recommend these resources because they have helped me and I believe they can help you too.

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Through his research and firsthand experience, Arnold tackles three big questions: 1) What is spiritual warfare, 2) Can a Christian be demon-possessed, and 3) Are we called to engage territorial spirits?

A simple, practical, easy to read, biblical and reliable, book on spiritual warfare.

An engaging biblical perspective on what the invisible world around us is really like.

The Bondage Breaker

Neil T. Anderson

This is a fantastic book with practical steps on how to find freedom from spiritual oppression. Anderson wrote several books on the subject, and all of them are worth reading. 

A modern parable about the fundamental differences and the inevitable divide between good and evil, Heaven and Hell. 

Eerily insightful fiction that peers into the realm of spiritual warfare and brings the tactics of our enemy to light.

We Christians were never meant to live as the underdog. Rather, “In every moment, every situation, every relationship, every idea or possibility, we have the upper hand.”

This is my favorite book on the subject of spiritual warfare. It is a wakeup call to see, and engage the spiritual realm, and to choose to live a life truly worth living. 

I wrote this book to help Christians see what spiritual warfare is really like. This isn't spooky, weird, or whacked out theology. It's a down-to-earth approach to help you address spiritual warfare and live a better life.

Spiritual Warfare Books

Reliable books to help you tackle the subject of spiritual warfare.


A vector is a symbol, like an arrow, that shows the direction something is moving as well as the magnitude of its movement. 


It symbolizes how God wants to reveal new insight in your life, lead you in the right direction, and affirm the magnitude of your personal journey.


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