Here are a few free resources to guide you on your journey.

Each one is designed to help you experience more of God's transformative power and presence in your life.

I hope you enjoy them!

The AGAPE Prayer


If you are looking to grow in your relationship with God and practice hearing His Spirit speak to you, this is a great place to begin.

  The AGAPE Prayer does not ask you to read out loud somebody else’s words to God. Instead, it provides a way for you to encounter Him directly and from your own heart.  


Gratitude Guide

Walking through life with an attitude of “I have to” is sure to weigh on anybody. Yet, it’s amazing the difference that a little reframing of the situation can do.

The Gratitude Guide handout is designed to help us develop an attitude of gratitude by focusing more on what is going right and what we get to do. 


Morning Dedication & Devotion

Throughout the ages, wise Christians have pointed toward devotional time in the morning as the best way to start off the day.


Here is simple and short way to start your day off in conversation with God. Use it to begin a morning routine or to enhance your existing rhythm. 


P4/4P: The Anti-Anxiety Prayer

  This prayer is a powerful way to feel God’s presence and experience the peace that releases us from anxiety. It is based on the word of Philippians 4:6-7, which says:


Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.” 

  By putting these words into practice, we can experience  the peace that passes all understanding. We will begin to see our fears and worries melt away. Anxiety cannot linger where God’s peace abides.


Selah Style Prayers

  The Hebrew word selah is used throughout the Psalms and it means to take a breath, pause and reflect. The word has no direct counterpart in English, which shows us how foreign this biblical concept is to our modern way of life.

  Selah Style Prayers help us break away from the hectic pace of life in the world around us. Just a few minutes spent praying with this approach can shift our mindset out of anxiety and reconnect us with the Source of all peace.



Spiritual Reading

  The Word of God is alive! Yet, after years of sermons and Bible studies, it can often feel like reading Scripture is dry, dull and lifeless. Honestly, in this day and age, the last thing that most Christians need is more Bible information. What we need is transformation!   

  Spiritual Reading is a way of reading Scripture with transformation, not simply information, in mind. It is a way of letting God's Spirit guide us into an actual conversation with Him. It is a way to actually experience God through His Word.


WITNESS Prayer for Inner Healing

  Jesus is still in the business of performing miracles! Every day he is transforming hearts and changing lives. For many who believe this to be true, they still wonder how to unlock this reality and experience personal transformation.

  The WITNESS Prayer is a simple, yet effective, way to guide an Inner Healing prayer experience. Follow the simple steps to walk through a prayer experience and witness God’s transformation in your own life!


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