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  • Patrick Meyers

The Sweaty & The Sacred: How Heaven is Present in Daily Life

I had this amazing spiritual experience that I would like to share with you.

Last month, there was a second-grade performance that my son was a part of. It was a cute little performance, and each of the second graders played a part in it.

This was right before the coronavirus discouraged large gatherings. So, nearly every child's parent was there. And their siblings, their grandparents, and various other assorted relatives.

The room was packed!

It was a school multipurpose room, so it doubled as an auditorium/cafeteria/gymnasium. And, of course, it smelled like all three rolled into one!

Add to that the smell of people packed wall to wall, and the atmosphere was very pungent.

The air was thick with the smell of body odor and old sweaty gym socks.

Nobody really seemed to mind. The families were completely enthralled with their sweet kiddos performing on stage.

I can't say that I have ever been to a second-grade performance before. If I ever did one myself, as a child, I don't remember it. So, this was a new experience for me. I found it rather curious and novel.

I marveled at how animated and involved the parents seemed to be.

Especially interesting were these 2 guys around me. Both looked tough and mean. I'm talking about face tattoo angry biker gang kind of crazy looking. Running into these guys in any other environment might be a little unnerving. Yet, here they looked so docile, so tame, so tender and sweet.

Overall, the atmosphere was thick with love. Overwhelming, intoxicating, absolute adoration kind of love for these kids.

It was a marvelous moment for me to feel the power of all this goodwill and love. It felt so safe, so sweet. The sweetness surpassed the smell of sweatiness.

It seemed to me to be a moment that went beyond the natural and somehow extended into the supernatural.

So, I asked God to show me what was taking place in the spiritual realm. And, boy, did he oblige!

In an instant, it seemed as though a curtain pulled back; it suddenly removed the veil between the natural and the spiritual.

I saw angels everywhere. They filled the empty spaces in the room and perched upon the rafters. Many hovered near the ceiling.

I was in awe as a great cloud of witnesses appeared before my eyes. Heaven revealed itself in the Earth.

It suddenly showed the sweaty multipurpose room was truly a sacred space.

To my surprise, each of these angels were gazing intently upon the 2nd grade performance. Just like the parents, these angels adoringly watched the kids. Each actively engaged in their performance.

They laughed and smiled. They cheered as children recited their lines. They waited with eager and encouraging anticipation when a child forgot their lines. Their enjoyment and love matched every degree that the families displayed.

Amazingly, these angels adored these children as if they were their own. Their faces were full of nothing but joyous love.

The room was thick with the presence of love. Natural and supernatural love intermingled and inseparable. It was a powerful—even healing—thing to experience.

I saw, firsthand, how God's pure love enters the sweaty messiness of real life.

This is a powerful thing to consider as the world is filling up with such fear and craziness due to COVID-19.

It is important to know that God, and the host of Heaven, care immensely about the things of life on Earth.

God cares about how you are doing right now.

Jesus showed us so many things. Chief among them, he showed us that God cares about the concerns of our daily lives.

Jesus showed us that God cares about fisherman being able to make a living (Luke 5:1-5). And he cares that wedding celebrations have all the supplies they need (John 2:1-12). It matters to Him that sick mothers can recover and take care of their families (Luke 4:38-39).

God cares that people in need will survive economic hardship.

God cares about the details of our lives.

I know we have yet to see how much the coronavirus will affect our lives. Understandably, there is a lot of fear and uncertainty about the future.

Whatever happens, God is with us.

I wonder what would change if we could see how Heaven is interacting with businesses that are closing, supermarkets that are out of stock and homes that are going stir crazy? Certainly, God’s agents are present in these things too.

The sacred must be nearby.

His promise "Never will I leave you; never will I forsake you" reminds us that, in the end, this will all be okay.

I hope we can all take a moment to remember that we are not alone. God and a great cloud of witnesses are cheering us on.

Truly, what we experience and how we feel does matter to our great God.

In closing, let me ask you this:

1. Where in your life do you most need to see Heaven's presence?

Let me suggest this:

2. What if you took a moment to ask God to reveal more of His presence in your circumstances?

It just might be that he has something sweet for you in the midst of all this sweaty turmoil.





A vector is a symbol, like an arrow, that shows the direction something is moving as well as the magnitude of its movement. 


It symbolizes how God wants to reveal new insight in your life, lead you in the right direction, and affirm the magnitude of your personal journey.


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