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Read The Introduction to War Stories

I wrote the book War Stories: Spiritual Warfare & the Toxic Narratives that Sabotage Your Life to help other Christians learn how to address spiritual warfare.

You can find it at most online retailers by clicking here.

Here's an excerpt from the introduction:

I wrote this book to help the Church.

I have dedicated my life to helping my brothers and sisters in Christ, and I love this work. It is immensely satisfying. Yet, when I look around at the lives of those I know, of those I love, and at my own life, I cannot help but see a tremendous problem.

The enemy has robbed us. All of us. Every last one of us.

Even worse, few of us seem to notice. We assume that all of the problems we have are just the way it is. We blame ourselves. Worse yet, we often blame God.

But God is not the one who robbed us. He does not steal. He gives. God gives good gifts (Matt. 7:11) and He has good plans for our lives (Jer. 29:11). He dreams up ways to interact with us, touch our lives, and make things better for us. For all of us. For every last one of us.

Yet, as you surely know by now, the good life hardly comes handed to us on a silver platter. Life is hard. Unfair. Sometimes cruel.

Why? Because we live in a world at war. We have an actual enemy, a malevolent, intelligent being hellbent on destroying our destiny and sabotaging us before we ever launch.

Like ancient Israel before us, God has an inheritance to give us. The Promised Land lies before us; the life that God dreams for us. And like our spiritual ancestors, we too must for fight it.

I wrote this book to help bring the people of God a better understanding of spiritual warfare. While many of us understand the concept on a theological level, most of us need help on a practical level. And we all need a little more encouragement to keep fighting the good fight in all our battles.

That is where this book comes in. I share actual examples of spiritual warfare to illustrate what it looks like in real life. My aim is to expose the enemy’s tactics and equip you to fight back.

Spiritual warfare is more than a concept. It is a reality. A daily reality. The battles we face often happen within our own hearts and minds. This is because spiritual warfare is primarily a battle of propaganda, a battle of conflicting stories that shape our lives.

Propaganda plagues us. Everywhere we turn, we are bombarded by biased information meant to persuade us to a particular point of view. We are caught in the conflict of competing narratives. From left to right, everyone seems to have a different version of the truth, a new spin on the facts, or a slanted way to interpret statistics. It often seems impossible to know what is true.

While our age is riddled with slanted narratives, this biased storytelling is nothing new. It has always been a problem—the problem. Since the dawn of human history, our enemy set out to pollute our minds with a narrative that runs contrary to the truth. Opposing the story God told, the devil tricked Adam and Eve into believing a lie. He has been lying to humanity ever since.

The devil’s deceptions are strategic attacks designed to mislead us. He knows that if we fall prey to his toxic narratives, he can rob us of the life that God desires for us. Violence frequently erupts at the point where two incompatible narratives collide. It is that way in life, and it is the same with spiritual warfare. God’s kingdom suffers violent attacks as evil constantly threatens the good plans God has for our lives (Matt. 11:12).

If we allow it to continue unchecked, Satan’s seditious subterfuge will steal everything good from our lives. The way we counter the evil lies in listening to the voice of truth. We must choose to believe the story God is telling.

Spiritual battles are fought with truth. Our fiercest battles happen precisely where we have believed the enemy’s lies. All spiritual battles boil down to one simple question. We must each ask ourselves, “Whose story do I want to believe?”

You can purchase War Stories in both ebook and print. Click here for more info.



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