How to decrease your anxiety and increase your peace.

Updated: Mar 18, 2019

I assume that you want to slow down. At least, I know I do.

I feel like the season I am in stretches me in so many ways. I often feel like I have more to do than time to do it.

Time and energy and enthusiasm are commodities that have limits. Sometimes they feel like rare commodities, more precious than diamonds or gold.

There is so much to do, to manage: marriage, kids, meals, bills, business, ministry, clients, calls, commutes, emails, Instagram, exercise, health, fitness, spiritual disciplines, habits, healing, grocery trips, keeping house, being on time, being on point, staying put, paying attention, being present, and on and on and on…

It’s too much. Life in America just seems like too much sometimes.

I truly believe that the pace God has set for our lives is one that is both liberating and sustainable.

Yet the pace of life in the world around us truly unsustainable and often downright oppressive.

My spirit longs to slow down, to move at a different pace. But, honestly, how? It is not like the world around me is going to change anytime soon. And, most of the things that fill my time are things that really do have to be taken care of. Now, there are opportunities to spiritually “eddy out” by removing ourselves from the current and pace of life that would drag us in and pull us downstream.

But, how does a person slow down and move at a different pace when they cannot simply escape an active life?

Instead of trying to escape my life, I am endeavoring to cultivate a stillness within. I have been practicing selah.

You might remember the Hebrew word from Scripture. It is peppered throughout the Psalms. Selah means to take a moment to ponder; to take a breath, pause and reflect. The word has no direct counterpart in English, which perhaps shows us how foreign this biblical concept is to our modern way of life.

I have been practicing selah by praying short prayers where I take a moment to breath deeply between each line.

It has been immediately fruitful. I feel a great peace. Less pressure. Less angst.

It is like the world has slowed itself down a bit—almost like in the movies where every goes into slow motion (but nearly that dramatic though).

I notice myself feeling freer. Quieter.

This practice has had such a profound effect on me that I wanted to share it with you.

I have created a brief handout that will help you start to practice praying Selah Style as well. You can find it on the Resources page, or by clicking here. I hope you find it helpful. I believe that you will.


Take a moment to breathe deeply

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