Vector Ministries helps people experience more of God’s presence and power in their lives through Coaching, Counseling & Spiritual Direction. 

Live well, live free, enjoy life and fulfill your life purpose!


have you ever felt this way?

hit a roadblock

  • Are you struggling to move forward with a clear sense of direction?

  • Is your work/life unsatisfying or lacking meaning?

  • Do you feel frustrated, confused, hopeless or alone?

god seems silent

  • Wondering what God's will is for your life?

  • Are you struggling to go deeper in your relationship with Him?

  • Have you been waiting for Him to breakthrough and change your situation? 

fear of missing out

  • Does it seem like there should be more to life than just this?

  • Are you wondering if you have missed your real purpose in life?

  • Do you feel like you have to figure out the next steps on your own?

you are not alone!

Many people struggle with the same kinds of issues AND there is a way out!

what if you...

... had clarity about your call and a plan to achieve your purpose?

... felt confident and equipped to handle the situations in your life?

... could overcome the obstacles in your path and recover from the wounds of your past?

... experienced a deeper connection with God?

... knew you were on the right track in life?

… did NOT have to do this on your own?

Together, we can move forward and experience the life you are meant for!

"Without guidance, people fall,
but with many counselors there is deliverance."

Proverbs 11:14

God created you for a life of joy and purpose.

what is holding you back?

Vector Ministries can help you discover God's transformative power to overcome the struggles you face, deepen your experience of God and step boldly into the life you were destined for!

Let's talk!

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