experiencing God

An Experiencing God session can help you experience a powerful awareness of God’s presence by engaging in spiritual exercises designed to help you encounter Him on a deeper level.

Missing God?

  • Have you been longing to have an actual experience with God?

  • Does it seem like there should be more to life with God than what you are experiencing?

  • Do you want to go deeper in your relationship with God but are not sure how?

  • Are you suffering from chronic conditions that make you doubt God's goodness?

  • Have you believed that God loves you for a long time but never really felt His love?

An integrative approach

Experiencing God sessions integrate Spiritual Direction and Christian spiritual Encounter Exercises in order to help you experience a deeper awareness of God's presence and cultivate an abiding sense of internal peace. 



A deeper relationship with God awaits you. He is aware and already at work in your life.


Let's discover more of His amazing presence and deepen your relationship with Him.

 You will gain new perspective and be able to see His hand at work throughout your life circumstances. Your life will become infused with new hope, meaning and promise.



Having a relationship with God is about more than just believing the right things. Real relationship requires a two-way conversation and experiences of a genuine heart-to-heart connection. 

This is EXACTLY the kind of relationship Jesus wants with you! 

The good news is that there is a path to get to know God on a deeper level. Experience more of God through Encounter Exercises.




new depths of faith

experience new exercises

great for pain



Patrick is an amazing Spiritual Director and he hears from God in astonishing ways. Through Patrick, I have experienced God in ways I never thought possible. Through his influence my faith has been deepened, and my life enriched. I am honored to have him in my life.





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session info:

$109 for a 60 minute session *

Purchase a package and save:

Single session for $109

Three sessions for $309

Six sessions for $609 

* Sessions can be done in person or by video conference. 

 experience a deeper faith

Schedule a FREE 30 minute consultation to see how an Experiencing God session can help you experience a deeper relationship with God. 

Want to know more?

I would love to talk with you to answer any questions you might have about how Vector Ministries can help you experience new depths to your faith. 

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