Life with God is a journey.


Like any venture worth taking, it is full of risk and wonder, challenges and triumphs. 

Take a guide with you on the journey to help you navigate the road ahead.

Take thE journey

to discover new healing & Purpose

Overcome Roadblocks


Vector Ministries helps men and women overcome emotional and spiritual roadblocks so they can live fulfilling lives and fulfill their life's purpose. 

What is blocking you?

Every journey encounters obstacles. The things that block your way forward could come from the past, present or future. 

Pain from the past?

  • Is some issue from your past still affecting you today?

  • Does life feel like you are always swimming upstream?

  • Have you been experiencing emotional or spiritual pain that never seems to end?

Currently struggling?

  • Do you want to go deeper in your relationship with God but are not sure how?

  • Do you feel frustrated, confused, hopeless or alone?

  • Are you waiting for a breakthrough to come and change your situation? 

fear about the future? 

  • Does thinking about your future feel overwhelming?

  • Wondering what God's will is for your life?

  • Are you questioning which road is the right one to take?

  • Do you want help to discover the next steps to take?

an integrative approach

Vector Ministries established a unique and integrative approach that combines Inner Healing Counseling, Spiritual Direction and Kingdom Life Coaching

On their own each one of these methods can make a powerful impact. Yet, when integrated they create a wholistic approach to personal transformation that embraces your entire life journey: past, present and future.


   It is time to overcome your obstacles and experience more of God's presence and power in your life!

what if?

  • What if you had more clarity about your call and a plan to achieve your purpose?

  • What if you felt more confident and equipped to handle the issues in your life?

  • What if you could finally heal from the wounds of your past?

  • What if you experienced a deeper connection with God and knew you were on the right track in life?

Overcome roadblocks and live the life you were meant for!

Patrick is a caring, insightful presence who facilitates God's healing and grace. Working with Patrick has had a profound impact on my life: spiritually, emotionally, and mentally. In one case, a single meeting delivered and healed me from a burden that I had been carrying for over 45 years. I cannot recommend him enough! 

Patrick has brought such breakthrough in my life, and my relationship with the Lord. He has been instrumental in my time of deliverance and healing and helped me to find freedom from my past. He has also given me an incredible amount of wisdom into understanding God's call on my life. 

Patrick is super gifted at what he does. I've made huge strides in my healing since I started seeing him. His role in helping people heal and grow to their full capacity in Christ is one that is vital to the Body of Christ. I'd highly recommend him to anyone that is stuck in their walk or just wants to grow deeper in their relationship with the Lord. 




Client testimonies

about me

My name is Patrick Meyers. I am a Coach, Counselor & Spiritual Director


I help people overcome obstacles and discover more of God's presence and power in their lives so that they can live free, enjoy life and fulfill their life purpose.


I am like a guide that helps people navigate the terrain of their souls. 

My passion is to see people enjoy their lives and live from a deep place of peace and purpose that endures no matter what challenges they face!

Vector Ministries can help you discover God's transformative power to overcome the struggles you face, deepen your experience of God and step boldly into the life you were destined for!

Let's talk!

God created you for a life of joy and purpose.

what is holding you back?

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